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Catalogue > Decoration > Patina > Nerchau patina 59ml copper

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Nerchau patina 59ml copper

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Additional information

· Available in 5 attractive shades


· Acrylic paint that changes the colour depending on the incidence of light and viewing angle

· Especially high and noble appearance with unique colour effects

· Maximum lightfastness, no fading of colours, not even by sunlight

· Weatherproof when varnished

· Wet wipe-proof and rub-proof

· Harmless to health, low-odour acrylic paint on water base

· Water-dilutable

· Suitable for painting on almost all fatfree surfaces

· For upgrading of furniture

· For model making or - diluted - airbrush capable

Design on a high level of creativity

These especially designed acrylic paints change their appearance depending on the light incidence – in this way unique colour effects are achieved. Surprising and highly decorative colour effects arise, which fascinate the spectator anew again and again. Especially effective designs can be reached with Magic Design when used on curved surfaces and objects. It does not matter if made of paper, cardboard, wood, metal, glass or ceramic

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