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White glue 1kg

Weight1.093 Kg.
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Universal adhesive "Lipal" (PVAD Make DP 51/10) can be used in household chemistry, construction, printing, textile, tobacco, leather and haberdasheries, woodworking industry. Adhesive "Lipal" can be glued to the tree, the skin, paper and cardboard. This brand of adhesive is used as Class D2 adhesive for wood. Adhesive seam features: glue thread colorless. When visiting the glued product, almost does not flow. Applications for use: gluing paper, cardboard, wood, ceramic, glazed, metlach tiles, parquet, etc. The tiles are better lagged if the dispersion is mixed with cement mortar. It is possible to prepare the mixture with wood sawdust or other materials for large cracks. Dispersion can be diluted with water, no use of harmful human health solvents. Use tools for bonding, lubricating machines, the container is easily washed with warm water.

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