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Deka Draw and Iron pencil

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What you need: 

DEKA-Draw & Iron Pencil, a pattern, tracing paper, an iron with automatic temperature control (steam irons are not suitable), and DEKA-Permanent fabric paint.

Selected fabric should be free of sizing (very important!), white or light coloured natural fabric (such as cotton, batiste, linen). The lines of the pencil will only wash out of natural fabric after your first laundering at 500C. With silk, synthetic fabric, and blends, the lines will stay in the fabric even after laundering. Note: painting over the DEKA-Draw & Iron Pencil lines with DEKA-Permanent fabric paint will prevent them from being washed out.

How to transfer a pattern:

Trace your pattern onto tracing paper with the DEKA-Draw & Iron Pencil. After outlining is complete, blow briefly over the pattern to remove loose pencil particles. Now, place the traced pattern "face down" on the fabric and iron over it. Find more tips in the "How to Iron" section.

Remember that the pattern will be reversed when transferred. If your pattern includes letters or numbers, first trace it with a regular pencil onto tracing paper. Then, turn the tracing paper over and re-trace the pattern with the DEKA-Draw & Iron Pencil. Iron this mirror image onto your fabric, and the letters will appear correctly.

How to iron:

Before you transfer your pattem, iron a test sample on a small piece of the same fabric. Put your iron on "cotton setting". Since the temperature varies with different irons, it is possible that you may have to adjust the iron to a higher temperature setting.

Place the traced pattern with the Draw & Iron Pencil face down on the fabric and iron over it. Move the iron back and forth carefully so that the tracing paper will not slip. The ironing time of appr. 1-2 minutes is recommended. Each transfer can be repeated about 3 times, after that the transferred outlines will be too light. At this point, you may wish to trace the outlines on the tracing paper once again with the DEKA-Draw & Iron Pencil.

You too will feel inspired by our large and varied DEKA hobby and creative painting program!


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