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Terms of use

Terms of use

1. General
These supply-rules (hereinafter - the Rules) provide the person acquiring the goods www.menomuza.lt online store (the - Buyer) and JSC "Meno mūza" (hereinafter - the Seller) the mutual rights, obligations and responsibilities of the buyer acquires electronic goods in www.menomuza.lt store. When buyer buying the goods online store, he agree to these rules
2. Purchase - sale the moment of agreement
- Purchase and sale agreement between the buyer and the seller may be concluded from the moment the buyer has formed an online store shopping cart, your link all the data, press „Buy“  read the rules click on „I agree with rules and terms of web site„ press "Continue“ , „Pay“ and pay the amount  and is valid until the full obligations under the contract execution.
 3. Buyer's rights and obligations
The parties' rights and obligations are considering to the implementation of the sale of items and services when the contracts are awarded by means of communication, the rules adopted by the Minister of Economy in 2001. August 17. Order No. 258 „On the sale of items and services, the contracts awarded by the communication means, ruls confirmation ".
3.1. The buyer has the right to purchase goods online store, in accordance with these Rules and the Lithuanian legislation.
  3.2. The buyer has the right to refuse to allow the online shop the sales and purchase agreement with the Seller upon written notice to Seller within 7 working days of delivery of the product. The buyer has the right to refuse the purchase and sales contract with the seller only if the product is good quality, has not been damaged and basically has not changed its appearance.
3.3. Buyers have other rules, and laws of the Republic of Lithuania rights.
3.4. The buyer must pay the goods and their delivery charges, and other charges (if any specify contractually), and receive ordered goods.
3.5. If there is a change in the buyer registration form, the data, the buyer must immediately update it.
3.6. Buyer must comply with the other rules of the republic of Lithuanian legislation requirements.
4.  Seller's rights and obligations
4.1. If the buyer is trying to undermine the work of the online shop or stable functioning, or in breach of its obligations, the seller may, without prior notice to restrict, suspend (stop) him access to the online store and is not responsible for any related losses of the buyer.
4.2. The seller has the right to temporarily or unspecified stop online shop operations without notice and shall not be liable for any related losses of the buyer.
4.3. The seller has the right to change these ruls, as amended by the Regulations announcement e-shop website. The changes take effect from the moment of publication of all transactions made after publication.
4.4. Seller has other rules and laws of the Republic of Lithuania rights.
4.5. Seller agrees to make efforts in order to enable the buyer to use the proper e-shop services. Seller does not provide any guarantee that the e-shop will be uninterrupted or that the data transfer will be free of errors. Seller is not responsible for any of the buyer's losses associated with the malfunction of electronic stores and (or) data transmission errors.
4.6. Seller, in the event of serious circumstances, being able to provide the ordered goods to the Buyer undertakes to offer a similar product, and the buyer refuses to take delivery of an analog of the buyer to return the money paid for the goods within 7 working days, the delivery costs are non-refundable. In this case the seller is exempt from liability for failure.
4.7. Seller agrees to comply with the other requirements set out in these Rules.
5. The price of goods and payment
5.1. Shopping online store and order placed and traded goods prices include VAT.
5.2. The fee for transportation is provided when formed Order, before its approval.
5.3. The customer for the ordered goods could  pay the chosen currency (the currency chosen before the confirmation of the order) advance by bank transfer or card using  www.mokėjimai.lt (www.paysera.lt) ..
5.4. The customer can order products and pay by cash or card shops in Vilnius or Kaunas.
6.  Delivery and guarantee
6.1. Seller delivery carried out through third parties - postal couriers. Before delivering goods couriers, if necessary, if required, has the right to communicate with customers and check on the exact time in which the buyer takes delivery of the goods. If you order other items not host, they must accept the buyer. If you do not mentioned in the order that shipment will be taken by other person, shipment must be accepted by the same buyer.
6.2. In cases where the buyer can not receive the goods on time, he shall immediately notify by telephone and courier goods and the Seller.
6.3. If the buyer at the address and in conformity with timely delivery, but the buyer is not found, the buyer has no right to make claims against the seller of the goods delivered.
6.4. Quantity of goods nomenclature, and the quality of the buyer to inspect the goods at the time of transfer. When taking a product buyer must sign a delivery to the documents, confirming that the product has been awarded to him.
6.5. All comments on the clier defect shortcomings of the Goods the Buyer must submit in writing accepting the goods. Claims for hidden defects of goods buyer may do so in writing no later than 7 (seven) days of receipt of the goods.
6.6. Seller agrees to deliver the goods at the address specified in the order and timing. If it turns out that the seller can not deliver the goods provided by the term, it shall promptly notify the Buyer.
6.7. Buyer has paid for the goods, the Seller to the Buyer send the invoice.
6.8. Seller is released from liability for breach of terms of delivery, if the violation is due to buyer's fault.
  6.9. Seller declares that the goods meets with these products posed the usual quality. Each item features are common to each item description.
7. Other provisions
7.1. Terms under Lithuanian law and shall apply to the relationship provided the Ministry of Law.
7.2. . Buyer and Seller agree that all information contained in the online shop's website, the Buyer shall be deemed submitted in writing.
7.3. The Parties shall undertake that all disputes concerning the rules of the deal could be in negotiations. Without solving the dispute through negotiation, litigation addresed under the seller of the home place.
Personal data privacy protection
1.  Every new buyer must register by submitting your personal information:
-phone number
-el. mail address
address to which the goods are delivered.
If the buyer is a company in additionsally he must submit the following information:
VAT-number (if he is a VAT payer).
Buyers who became registered users (hereinafter - RU) have their username, password, and other data.
2. Seller shall ensure that the RU personal data will only be used to identify RU Ordering and delivery of ordered goods. RU, personal data may be used for marketing purposes only RU expressed agreement completing the registration form.
3. Seller agrees not to disclose personal RU information and reservation information to any third party other than the partners who provide services related to the order of the RU.
4. Seller undertakes to ensure protection of personal data LR Laws respectively.
5. RU is committed to protecting your user login to the online shop www.menomuza.lt data and to disclose them to any third party. Violation of this condition, all of the associated responsibilities have RU.
Delivery of goods
1. By courier. Product will be shipped at the same (up to 15 hours.) or the next working day after your payment of goods will be received. Orders delivered to Lithuania 8: 00 - 18:00 hrs. weekdays. If at that time you could not be the point of delivery, be sure to contact us or courier. The goods are delivered in 2 - 5 working days from payment confirmation.
Important: If you notice damaging of the consignment, please  take the picture of the affected area and send us an e-mail. Also, inform about the damaged goods. Losses will be compensated by  the seller or carrier.
2. Delivery abroad. Goods to foreign countries to present by Lithuanian postal rates. Terms of delivery: 7 days (European Union countries) - 14 days (other countries).
3. Returns. If for any reason you wish to return goods, you must contact us within 7 working days of receipt of shipment and include: order number, and date; product name and code; the reason for return (damaged goods, etc..) the expected date of return.
IMPORTANT - Returned items must be in original packaging. Shipping costs are not refunded. Shipping back costs should be paid by the buyer.

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