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Brushes and accessories

Suitable for oil, acrylic paints and gouache. Leaves a stroke effect.
The brushes are soft enough, but keeps the shape perfectly, firm. Versatile, suitable for a wide range of paints. Great quality for professionals, students and amateurs alike.
Soft hair, high quality brushes. Mostly used for watercolor, but also great for oil or acrylic paints, inks and so on.
Extra soft brushes. It is of high quality and is ideal for watercolors (the perfect end meets the point). Perfect for silk, porcelain painting, ink work, etc.
These Chinese Bamboo Calligraphy Brushes are ideal for traditional ink painting and calligraphy, and are also suitable for watercolour and silk painting. They feature very good water absorption.
Widely used in Clay, Carving, Shaping, Clay Sculpture, Styling, Nail and Art Projects, Fudge and Cake Decoration, Handicraft Carving.
This flexible foam brush is ideal for the application of enamel, latex, oil paint, stain and varnish. It is designed to smooth out paint and cover evenly with fewer strokes, eliminating brush marks or loose bristles. Even the inexperienced user can achiev
Properly assembled several sizes of brushes so you have the ones you need most to get started.
A variety of shapes and sizes of painting knives, making them a versatile and must-have set of tools for all artists!Different shapes and styles found in this painting knife set mean you can complete a variety of painting techniques.
Especially high quality brushes, spatulas and accessories created by the famous artist Bob Ross.
Various tools (accessories) for painting.
Natural sea sponges for painting, arts & crafts, pottery as well as for bath & shower, make-up, auto or household cleaning.
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