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Copic various ink

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The Various Ink bottle COPIC marker COPIC sketch marker COPIC ciao markers and COPIC WIDE markers can be refilled up to 16 x identical in color. There are a total of 357 Various Ink colors (plus a neutral Blender) available. For easy identification of a shade the plastic caps are colored accordingly and are provided with engraved color codes. However Various Ink serves other purposes: The coloring ink absorber Tamponaten, virtually streak-free backgrounds can be realized. Moreover Various Ink shades using an empty bottle can be mixed with each other. Thus, new and custom colors are created. Benefit: The Refill colors Various Ink are the basis for the economy of the entire COPIC Markersytems. With only a single bottle of a marker can be up to 17 x replenished. This allows an optimal and user-friendly cost-benefit ratio. Applications: Apart from the main function, replenish markers identical in color, the Various Ink is versatile. To achieve gradients or transitions from one color to another, the ink can be dripped directly onto the tip of a marker. That means it is especially at the COPIC WIDE. Its peak is in fact so broad that it can even record multiple tones simultaneously. This way, for example, also rainbow effects can be easily implemented. To create larger areas such as sky or water surfaces streak-free, practical Ink absorber Tamponate can to be inked. (It is for this purpose the use of Maskierfilmen recommended to already cover Painted.) The anhydrous and fast drying Various Ink can also be used for airbrush work, classic pen drawings and brush

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Price: € 8.50
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