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Catalogue > Decoration > Textile paints > Pebeo SetaSkrib fabric marker

Pebeo SetaSkrib fabric marker

Category:Textile paints
Price: From€ 2.80

Additional information

Setaskrib professional quality felt tip markers are the perfect choice for drawing on all types of fabrics, clothing, and accessories.

SURFACES: For application on most fine or thick, light fabrics.

SETTING: 5 minutes on the reverse side of the fabric using an iron on cotton position. No steam.

DRYING TIME: air dry for 2 hours

WASHING THE DECORATED PIECE: 48 hours after fixing, the colours are resistant to hand washing and machine wash up to 40°C (100°F).

STORAGE: Store flat away from cold and heat.

Applications : A range of professional quality fabric markers. Shake the marker and then pump the tip a few seconds before starting to work on your creation.


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