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Catalogue > Decoration > Ceramic paints > Nerchau porcelan art pen

Nerchau porcelan art pen

Category:Ceramic paints
Price: From€ 2.30

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Simple, decorative painting and writing on porcelain

The nerchau Porcelan Art Pen is the ideal companion in porcelain painting. Regardless of whether you would like to do decorative painting on cups, plates and other porcelain pieces, strong contour lines and fine details or sweeping strokes, the nerchau Porcelan Art Pen is a real all-rounder. If necessary, the colours can be repainted several times. The dishwasher-safe and odourless ink needs to to dry four hours after that fix it in the oven for 90 minutes at 160 °C. Cool the artwork in the oven.  Done! 

Note: Shake the pen before use until mixing balls can be heard hitting. Please store pens horizontally. Remove cap and pump until the tip is saturated with ink.


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