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Silicone moulding paste 100g

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Category:Non-firing products for sculptors and ceramics
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Use: flexible and resistant paste for accurate moulding of ornaments and models. Can be used to produce over 50 casts in plaster, resin, low melting pointmetal or wax.

Storage: Good for 12 months if kept in its packaging in a dry place.

Cleaner: soapy water.
Instruction for use:


1. Mix equal quantities of blue and white paste: roll between the hands for 1 minute until a uniform colour is obtained.
2. Roll into a ball. Flatten in the centre of the object and cover completely. A few millimetres thick is sufficient. Caution: rapid setting in 5 minutes.
3. When using a large flat mould, before demoulding, use plaster strips to make a supporting shell.
4. Demould. Cast the reproduction material. For Crystal Resin reproductions, first coat the mould with Vaseline.


100g covers an area of about 15x15cm.



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