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Catalogue > Decoration > Batik art > DEKA Washing Machine Dye 150g Tangerine 153

DEKA Washing Machine Dye 150g Tangerine 153

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Category:Batik art
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Additional information

What is special about DEKA Machine Fabric Dye

DEKA Machine Fabric Dye is a fantastic dye to dye textiles and whole cloth panels evenly light and colour fast. All the tones are mixable. The colour 'black' is particularly intensive (pros call it 'the blackest black'). You will achieve a beautiful and absolutely even dye result.
Allows you to dye finish free natural fabrics like cotton, linen, viscose, ramie, bamboo very easily.
Dyeing of wool in the machine is not recommended, as it will felt. Synthetic fibers to not take up dye or only very slightly.
For silk and wool we recommend hand dyeing.

Please keep in mind

• 1 pack of dye powder contains 2 x 25g dye and 2 x 50g fixative and is enough for at least 1kg of fabric.
• The washing temperature should be 30° or 60°.
The colour intensity after dyeing depends on the amount of dye powder and on the fabric weight:
• Dyeing of normal shades: 1000g of fabric weight needs 2 packs of dye + 2 packs of reactive agent + 2kg of salt.
• Dyeing of pastel shades: 1000g of fabric weight needs 1 pack of dye + 1 pack of reactive agent + 2kg of salt.
• As the dye samples may not show well on your screen, we recommend that you refer to the RAL colours -
RAL colour charts are available in the shop.
(These indications apply a washing machine capacity of 5kg)
• Before dyeing thoroughly remove the finishing from the fabric. Softener is a finishing too and can influence your dye result.

In addition to 1 pack (2 x 25g) of DEKA Machine Fabric Dye you need:
2kg of salt  (DYLON Special Dye Salt or iodine free kitchen salt)

DEKA- Textil-Fit - Finishing Remover (if the textile contains finishings)

Hint: It is important to know that only fabrics of the same fibers and weaving will turn out the same shade.
An example: For a set of bed linen the colour depth of pillow case, bed sheet and duvet cover may turn out differently.  


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